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Sunset Glass Tinting & Stereo
Established In 1989
13440 Damar Dr., Unit E2.
Philadelphia, PA. 19116
``We Insist On The Best Craftsmanship``
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Welcome to Sunset Glass Tinting & Stereo
Sunset Glass Tinting established in 1989 and has 20 years of experience in autmotive, residential and commercial tinting. We use SunTek's latest line of tinting films, and installs with the best craftmanship.

Why Tint Your Windows?
Window films generally reduce fading of carpeting and fabrics by about 70% (more or less, depending upon the film used) by reducing the amount of UV, heat and visible light transmitted through your windows. Our most common residential films, for example, will reduce the UV by 99.9%, the HEAT by 57%, and the GLARE by 58%.

Window Films can significantly reduce heat gain in any confined area. While the amount of reduction will vary, dependant upon the situation, it's not unusual to see the temperature reduced by 10-15 degrees in a house, and 40-50 degress in a confined automobile! Window Film reduces glare as much as 85%, or more. While it's not possible to completely eliminate the sun's glare, without removing its access to the area, proper use of window tinting film can substantially reduce the glare.
Benefits Of Tinting Your Auto Windows
Heat rejection and a custom look for your auto are the two primary reasons that most people consider auto window tinting. But there are ...
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Educate Yourself Before Buying!
While the decision to tint your windows seems like a simple one, a little research will show that there is a lot more to consider than it fir...
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For your convenience our shop is open:
Monday - Friday from 8am - 6pm
Saturday from 8am-3pm Eastern time

13440 Damar Dr., Unit E2. * Philadelphia, PA. 19116 * (267)343-3317 * (215)917-9399